Welcome to the app that facilitates a rich, online spiritual interaction amongst Candidates, Catechists, and Program Directors.

If you are considering a seamless confirmation package that handles your content, user management, social interactions, and reporting… then is for you!


Program Directors

  • Easy Content Management – Quickly upload–or create–your own confirmation chapters. Each lesson has a quiz that ensures the students have gone through the materials and automatically notes in your reporting
  • Reporting – Produce reports of completed assignments, how long it took, etc. Easily send email reminders for those who have missed or what’s upcoming
  • Hybrid Environment – Allow Candidates to do the coursework at home on their own, interact with their peers virtually, and focus facetime on the spiritual aspects of the material


  • Easy Roll Call – Have your “live” class in the school lunchroom or on the bluff of the nearby beach. Simply use your phone to “tap” who’s attended, which rolls automatically up to the Program Directors!
  • More Time for Shepherding – Since the content is already produced, the Catechist can spend time focusing on prayer, issues, and other “heart matters” besides the written materials
  • Stay Connected – Each class turns into its own “small group” where true mentoring and spiritual direction can occur


  • Fit Your Schedule – Take your coursework anywhere with the webapp. Whether you have downtime waiting for something, or “forget”… you have the content right in the palm of your hands!
  • Interact – Make those connections about spiritual matters first in a safe, comfortable space with trusted peers going through the same process. Need a prayer? Post it on your wall.
  • Knowledge Is Power – Take the content you receive from your Program Directors and keep exploring, using as your launchpad!

Interested in Confirmandi for YOUR parish?

Confirmandi is being rolled out by a select number of parishes. If you are interested in learning more and discussing pricing, please contact:

Kevin Perkins
E: kevin [at]
M: 949-370-six nine 24